Sezione Medicina

da Leadership Medica n. 1 del 2000

During the years the soviet regime ruled the USSR, a young Italian that worked at the Embassy of Moscow met and got married with a young Russian engineer and she even obtained the authorization to bring her young husband to Italy to meet her parents that lived in Milan.

The matter, already hard by those times, became even more complex when the young bride must convince her husband to get on the car to go to Bergamo to meet an ant of hers, without being subjected to go to the Policy. 

From some time also in the Italian health it blows the same wind: the Ministry of Health dirigisme is whole expressed by the CUF notes concerning which medicines are prescriptible, protocols, the incompatibility for physicians to go on being physicians whereas, once up their working time, they wanted still to practice, the guide liens about the diagnostic and therapeutic paths etc... 

A physician having a patient in his cure affected by ulcerous gastroduodenitis is free to administer the ranitidine on condition that "the treatment is limited to only four weeks, eventually(?) six, that the form were HP+ and supported by an HP uprooting treatment for the first two weeks and so on. This point I don't think it not anymore the chance to talk about the freedom of the physician or about professional freedom, the attack is merely to "FREEDOM". 

Attack to citizens' freedom compelled to live under a regime preventing physicians, with violence even if psychological, to work according to the personally acquired scientific selection criteria and citizens to be cured by methods free from Commissions', committees' and scientific societies' interpretations. 

They decide about every thing from one day to the next, they decide till which age you must work, which way you must move in hospitals, if you can or you cannot practice the profession and where you must practice is: if inside structures or outside structures and so on. 

Save perhaps then they meet a labour judge that facing the requirement by 93 physicians of La Spezia applying against the measure imposing them a quick selection about profession inside or outside structures, rejected the measures of the hospital, asserting that: "It cannot be exacted to individuals to take a so important decision, and what's more, a decisive and not modifiable decision, without giving concrete information about which reality and situations have been put in act".

All physicians working in that hospital must have given information about what has been arranged concretely, and they must not take irreversible decisions only based over a profession discipline regulation draft inside structures sent to trade unions. 

The concept of "Freedom" cannot be negotiated trade-union level. 

Only in centralist regimes where everything is nationalized, liberticidal rules can be imposed from one day to the next, unaware of citizens' rights.

Amedeo Pavone